The other day, while listening to my collection of Yòrùbá gospel music, I was listening to this particular lady singer, who has a unique way of singing and eulogizing God. While the song played, my daughter sang along because she liked the song too.   I listened to her mouthing the lyrics and I really just wanted to faint. My beloved ’Tisé just ‘murdered’ Yòrùbá language. I was sure our ancestors


Is that how to sweep?” I shouted at my son with high disapproval that I saw the puzzled look on his face. He was lost. He didn’t know what to do next. I was upset and ready to give him abada (smack). “How can’t you know how to sweep? Is it not just simple sweeping? O ga o!” At this point, my conscience pricked me (questioning whether I actually taught

Myth about Parenting

Many times, I hear people say parenting is a woman’s headache; the men can’t be bothered. Let’s stop making it anyone’s duty to nurture a child; raising a child is a joint effort from both parties. Every parent should be involved in their child’s life. It’s not about paying fees and bills alone or giving the child all he/she ask for, not leaving your duties to others to do for you.

Mummy’s Corner

Yea, this space right here is for you to let out your worries, ideas and learn from other mums also. Discuss about everything and  anything that bothers you or something new you just learnt and would like to share. Let’s connect and rub minds….. Remember no one stops learning unless he/she dies.

The Journey begins……

Parenting is a very interesting and beautiful journey. Many go into parenting with fears and doubts of the unseen. Be rest assured, parenting is a simple journey when you just flow with it. The beginning of any journey is always tough but it eases with time and experience; so also the journey of parenting. Experience and learning on the journey makes it interesting and enjoyable. Always be open minded, read